Upgrade Your Siding

Upgrade Your Siding

Hire FAZ'S Roofing to complete your siding replacement in Kennesaw, GA

Is your siding outdated? Is it rotting due to water damage? We can solve your siding problems ASAP. FAZ'S Roofing, LLC tackles siding repair and replacement projects in the Kennesaw, GA area.

Damaged or weatherbeaten siding can allow water to seep in and cause dry rot. As the moisture spreads throughout your siding, so will the rot. We can prevent this from happening by removing damaged siding and finding the source of your water damage.

If your siding is beyond repair or you’re looking to install a new style, we can replace it, too. Replacing your siding will:

  • Increase your home’s curb appeal
  • Improve your energy efficiency
  • Expose hidden structural damage so it can be repaired

Trust FAZ'S Roofing to complete your siding replacement project quickly and efficiently.

5 signs that you need to replace your siding

FAZ'S Roofing provides siding repair and replacement services to homeowners in Kennesaw, GA and surrounding areas.

You should replace your siding if:

  1. It’s bubbling or blistering
  2. It’s an outdated or unsightly color
  3. It’s rotting
  4. It’s cracked
  5. It’s severely damaged

Hire FAZ'S Roofing for reliable siding replacement services.