Do Your Gutters Get Clogged Easily?

Do Your Gutters Get Clogged Easily?

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Don't wait to repair your cracked soffit, rotting fascia or broken gutters. FAZ'S Roofing, LLC offers a variety of handyman services to homeowners in the Kennesaw, GA area.

If you have a leaky gutter system, your fascia and soffit could be severely damaged. Fascia is the vertical finishing edge that your gutters are installed on. It's usually made out of wood and is susceptible to water damage and rot. We can repair small sections of your fascia or replace all of it with new, sturdy boards.

We can repair your soffit, too. Soffit is the wood or vinyl component located beneath your roof overhangs. It has vent holes in it that provide air circulation to the attic to draw heat and moisture away from your home. A broken soffit could prevent your attic from venting properly and allow rot to develop in the sheathing and rafters.

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5 signs that you need a gutter repair

FAZ'S Roofing provides numerous handyman services to residents of Kennesaw, GA and surrounding areas. It's important to repair your gutters if you notice that:

  1. They're peeling or flaking
  2. They have puncture holes in them
  3. They accumulate standing water
  4. Their hangers are detached
  5. They clog frequently

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